Program Overview

WHO: You have an established company/organization. You’re committed to the idea, have a track record of persistence, and have more than one stakeholder involved in their journey (ie: co-founders, mentors, staff, investors, etc.)

WHY: The purpose of this program is to help the company/organization navigate through a pivotal difficulty in their growth.

HOW: In this 1 day session, we bring in 2-4 relevant mentors to spend several hours with you and your team. This begins with a short presentation from the entrepreneur on their product/service and then hones in on the key issue they would like help in overcoming.


Program Components


Before determining if you are well suited for a deep dive, we will conduct a pre-interview with you. This helps us understand the point you are at with your company, and helps us determine your readiness.


B4C is purposeful in building a strong and connected community, whether it is within the cohort or the general alumni network. This community of practice and expertise is key in the support and growth of B4C’s Impact Ventures. For this reason, we carefully select changemakers who are open to growing and shifting their perspectives as social innovators and business leaders.


Program Criteria

B4C seeks entrepreneurs that want to have a positive social impact. The deep-dive phase is for companies who have:

  • demonstrated persistence

  • launched their company and have been operating for a period of time

  • have ore than one stakeholder involved (ie: co-founders, mentors, staff, investors, etc.)



The cost of the programming varies based on needs. Please contact for further information.


Application Process

When we receive your application, we will reach out for further information. We run a limited number of deep dives annually.