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Entrepreneurs who have one or more idea can participate in our early stage workshops and access curated resources to help them validate their idea and begin to build a sustainable business model. The program is self-directed with access to coaches and the alumni along the way. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

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Program Components

Social Enterprise Institute

Access online courses designed to help you start a social enterprise. The range of courses offered ensures that you are able to learn what you need in order to build a sustainable impact venture. Our partnership with the institute allows our entrepreneurs to access this content as they need it, ensuring they have the right tools and the right support at the right time.


We believe it is important to get out and talk to people about your idea and because of this, we offer a number of workshops designed to help inspire, validate and educate changemakers around ideation and impact.

Mentorship and Coaching

B4C believes that community is an integral part of this process. With over 60 social entrepreneurs in our alumni network (and growing every year), you will have access to a community of experienced, like-minded social innovators who are eager to help you build your companies or start your projects. Beyond our alumni network, the B4C team and network of mentors and expertise will ensure that you have access to the resources you need in order to test and validate your idea.

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Program Criteria

B4C start is a safe place to explore and test your ideas. No previous experience or education is necessary. We are interested in people who are looking to make a positive social impact in the world around them. If this is you, apply to begin your journey as a social entrepreneur, or changemaker with B4C.