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WHO: You have an idea that can create positive change in the world around you. You’re likely in the very early stages of thinking through this idea and need some support and structure to help you.

WHY: The BIG purpose of this program is to help current or aspiring change-makers make their community - and their world, a better place. We know everyone needs support along the way and we want to help get you out of your head and start working on your idea.

HOW: B4C Start is a 6-week online virtual program in which you will gain access to multi-level curriculum, be introduced to the change-making ecosystem, and attend virtual evening sessions once a week to ask questions with other peers. Upon completing the course work, you’ll also have access to an in-person follow-up to discuss your goals and barriers with a B4C instructor.

Classes are released weekly and you can access them online what ever time is best for you!

If you decide that you would like to pursue your idea further, you may consider applying for the B4C Cohort!

Fall 2019 B4C Start Program Kickoff: October 12th

If you would like to be contacted about our future programming opportunities please fill out this interest form.

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Program Components

6 - week intro - B4C start

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Along with the course work, you’ll have access to:

  • Weekly evening video calls with peers and an instructor

  • A follow-up session with an instructor to see what your next steps look like and to help you see any gaps in your plan

  • Connection into the entrepreneurial support systems


Mentorship and Coaching

B4C believes that community is an integral part of this process. With over 60 impact entrepreneurs in our alumni network (and growing every year), you will have access to a community of experienced, like-minded social innovators who are eager to help you build your companies or start your projects. Beyond our alumni network, the B4C team and network of mentors and expertise will ensure that you have access to the resources you need in order to test and validate your idea.

Social Enterprise Institute

If you haven’t yet checked out the Social Enterprise Institute, we recommend you do! They offer a range of courses ensuring helping you build a sustainable impact venture.

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Program Criteria

B4C start is a safe place to explore and test your ideas. No previous experience or education is necessary, you just need to bring your idea.