B4C: Our new application process

Hey Folks,

Most of you know we continually try to improve the programming and processes based on the feedback from our entrepreneurs and our alumni....so when we decided to include our alumni in our selection process - naturally we began to look at the information we needed in order to make informed decisions.

The application/selection process for B4C is as follows:

The Application is comprised of written questions and a short (up to 2 minute) video - you can access the PDF with questions here and the online application form here.

** The deadline to submit is February 18th for the Winter/Spring 2018 Cohort.

Once the deadline has passed, our selection committee will go through all of the applications and determine a short list. The short-listed applicants will be contacted for short 15 minute interviews.

After the interviews, the final cohort will be selected.

** For the Winter/Spring 2018 Cohort, companies will be notified by February 23, 2018.

Our selection committee is made up of alumni, based on a set criteria that ultimately looks at IDEA, TEAM, IMPACT, and MARKET.  

If you have any questions about this process, or the application - please contact Jo Nickerson (jo.nickerson@unb.ca) or call 506-206-0415.

Susana Rojas