Introducing our FALL 2017 COHORT

It's that time of the year again - B4C has selected the 5th cohort of social entrepreneurs to participate in our 6-week bootcamp! These 8 companies will start the programming with an overnight retreat - getting to know their fellow social entrepreneurs and help to build a strong and connected community.  

The B4C acceleration process has been designed to assist social entrepreneurs; turning desire into action by combining business acumen with the pursuit of impact.

Powered by the Pond-Deshpande Centre, B4C is a unique accelerator providing the right tools and the right support at the right time. We work with subject matter experts and partner organizations to deliver entrepreneurial experiences through workshops, training sessions, fireside chats, peer mentors and super mentors.  

The B4C alumni network is constantly growing – with over 35 companies having gone through the program from all over Atlantic Canada since the re-launch in September 2015.  

Here are the companies participating in the FALL 2017 COHORT:

The Go Do Project
Erin Flood
(Stewart Hillhouse)

The Go Do team believes in businesses that are human centric, passion driven and authentic. Through education and collaboration, we help businesses amplify their story by leveraging the power of data. Data is only as valuable as the story-teller allows it to be. The Go Do team works with people to help them to first understand the value of data, how it fits into their story-line and why it’s worth sharing.

Erin Flood: Dog owner, aspiring hobby farmer and entrepreneur. Erin has spent the past four years running a tech startup where her passion weigh most heavily in the exploration of how various data sets could be connected to build stories that would enhance the overall citizen experience. Erin's passion for innovation, technology and community can be reflected through her position as co-founder of Open Data Atlantic, Chairman of the Fredericton Start-Up Task-force, and Board Member of the Canadian Open Data Exchange. She received her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology from St. Francis Xavier University and was inducted into the C100 Top Technology Women in Canada in 2015. When not problem solving with data, you can find Erin planning her family music festival or exploring the corners of New Brunswick on her road bike.

Stewart Hillhouse: Avid cribbage player, canoe tripper, and beer maker. Stewart recently completed his Masters of Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, specializing in Technology Management & Entrepreneurship where he worked on developing an accelerated whisky maturation process.

Previously, he spent the majority of his time in the forests of Alberta and British Columbia executing oil, gas, and forestry contracts for industry leaders such as Western Forest Products and Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Stewart is excited to be solving real issues using data driven solutions in Atlantic Canada.

Susana Rojas