Want to have impact AND create wealth? Applications for BE.FOR.CHANGE Ventures’ cohort are now open

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In the past, it was generally accepted that in order to focus on creating positive impact, you had to commit yourself to a life of poverty and if you wanted to generate wealth, you had to ‘sell your soul’.  UNB’s BE.FOR.CHANGE Ventures - more commonly known as B4C Ventures - sets out to prove that misconception wrong.

BE.FOR.CHANGE Ventures is an incubator-accelerator based at the University of New Brunswick’s Pond-Deshpande Centre. B4C Ventures accelerates early stage companies - startups - who have blended-value propositions.  What does that mean? It means that they are helping to grow a generation of businesses that are both solving complex challenges in our communities (and the world), while also generating wealth. This often called the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

Since launching 5 years ago, the program has:

  • Helped launch 57 ventures, representing 66 founders

  • 50% female founders represented (39% majority-owned by women) - diversity and inclusion is a founding principle

  • 14% of alumni ventures in high growth  

  • Alumni who have collectively raised over $5.9 million in funding

  • Over 100 full-time and 43 part-time jobs created and maintained by alumni ventures

  • 91% of ventures launched still running

Bethany Deshpande, CEO of SomaDetect - a high-growth tech startup predicted to reach a billion dollar valuation in 2019 has said of the program that, “B4C helped us to shape our business around our core values and challenged us to think differently, and creatively, about how we build the business to be both socially impactful and achieve sustainable profitability”.

B4C Ventures’ Cohort program is a 6-week program designed to accelerate impact entrepreneurs who are already working on their idea or business and help them take it to the next stage. Want more information on B4C Ventures? Check out the program ‘why’ here: https://b4c.ventures/what/.

To apply for B4C Cohort, please visit: https://b4c.ventures/apply/ or get more info about the Cohort program here: https://b4c.ventures/b4c-cohort. Applications will be accepted until February 28th, 2019. If the cohort isn’t quite the right fit, B4C Ventures is also accepting applications to B4C Start and B4C Dive on a rolling basis.

For more information, please contact B4C Ventures’ Program Director, Vanessa Paesani at vanessa@b4c.ventures or by phone at (506) 471-5566.


  • Week ONE: Overnight Retreat in Belleisle, NB April 4-5th (4pm on the 4th until 5pm on the 5th)

  • Week TWO: Thursday, April 11th (5-9pm) and Friday April 12th (9-4pm) in Saint John, NB 


  • Week THREE: Thursday, April 25th (5-9pm) and Friday April 26th (9-4pm) in Fredericton, NB 

  • Week FOUR: Thursday, May 2nd (5-9pm) and Friday May 3rd (9-4pm) in Moncton, NB 

  • Week FIVE: Thursday, May 9th (5-9pm) and Friday May 10th (9-4pm) in Saint John, NB 

  • Week SIX: Thursday, May 16th (5-9pm) and Friday May 17th (9-4pm) in Fredericton, NB

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