The Cohort Experience

There’s a particular stage you get to on your entrepreneurial journey, where you’re sitting at your desk wishing that you had at least one other person there sitting across from you… someone who you could bounce an idea off of - a person who wasn’t going to call you crazy and who would ask you questions and give you honest feedback.

Spring 2018 Cohort

Spring 2018 Cohort

It’s hard to find people like that unless you hire them, but you probably aren’t quite at that stage yet…so what do you do?

This is part of what a cohort program can do for entrepreneurs. Aside from the impact venture-specific speakers and curriculum, the main take-away from our alumni has been the value of working alongside like-minded peers.


The B4C Cohort runs twice a year (once in the Spring and once in the Fall) on Thursdays from 4-9pm and Fridays from 9-4pm.

It kicks off with an off-site retreat where cohort members get to know each other and the values of their ventures. You’ll arrive and have dinner together as a group, then we will discuss the program norms. You’ll have the rest of the night to get to know each other.

The following day is constructed of activities and curriculum to make sure everyone is familiar with the ventures and people in the room.

After the retreat, we will rotate what NB city we run the programming in. For example: in Fall 2018, we ran our 1st session at the retreat, our 2nd in Saint John, the 3rd in Fredericton, the 4th in Fredericton, the 5th in Moncton and the 6th in Fredericton. This means people don’t always have to travel to the location.


Each of the programming days are designed to provide activities and information surrounding a particular struggle/topic. We utilize case-study like formats, activities, group and individual reflection, speakers, mentors, and tours to give cohort members a wide range of learning formats.

Topics are specific to impact ventures surrounding: finances, marketing, measurement of impact, user/customer research and others.

After this overview of the cohort, if you have further questions, we are happy to chat! Drop us a line at


Rachel Mathis