The Team at GoDo

Go Do brings data into the larger conversation where it is usually left as an untapped gold mine. They help organizations use their data to design better solutions to those in need as well as help organizations see their data in all its glory.


This matters. We so often exist in a world of instant gratification that it can be easy to skip over the realties of those who you’re designing for. GoDo is doing so much more than reminding everyone how important that is, they are also teaching and working alongside you.

“We’ve been fortunate to build a business around curiosities,” says founder, Erin Flood, “In doing so, I have met an entire library of uniquely diverse people who share the common vision of building a more environmentally conscious, people focused, inclusive world.”


Building a team in the early days of a company is difficult work. Vision and goals can be ever shifting, products and offerings are still early and developing…you’ve got to find people who buy into all of it enough so that when you sometimes lose sight of it, they can remind you. In the end it can come down to pure luck and the stories of finding that right person are written down in company lore.

Stewart Hillhouse, Director of Data Design at GoDo came to GoDo from a forestry science background and he and Erin met on a bike ride with a mutual friend.

“We discussed how data could be used for more than just getting people to click ads online and how it could be used to help solve social problems. By the end of the ride, it was obvious that there was something exciting we needed to pursue further.” says Stewart. “Data was all around me when I was doing forestry work, but I was too close to it to see the alternative uses. Once I was able to see the whole forest, I realized how important data can be for every industry.”

One of the most difficult tasks in business is finding the right people to take the deep, terrifying dive into an entrepreneurial journey with you when in the beginning, everything is largely unknown. Stewart had no qualms about plunging in head first, and he’s continued to impress me day in and out with his unwavering drive and ambition to do meaningful work.
— Erin Flood

Erin came from an entrepreneurial background, growing during her time working at HotSpot Parking. That experience and the support from the CEO, Phillip Curley, gave her the confidence to launch her own company. Mixed with Stewart’s science background, they are able to see many different perspectives. Finding team members who add to your skills rather than purely duplicate them is important especially in the beginning.

The two of them were able to participate in Seth Godin’s AltMBA course and share the values that the course provided. The concepts presented in this program helped them to have the confidence and courage to raise their hands in situations that might have seemed uncomfortable. By doing so, it has opened up a wealth of opportunities for the company.

To learn more about what Erin and Stewart do, you can follow them on Facebook. Erin writes some great blog posts that she shares there often.

Rachel Mathis