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It’s an urban legend by now - a person who is stuck at a day job that brings them less and less passion who has a thought one day of “Hey, what if I were to strike out on my own?”

For some, it’s a brewery, for others, it’s consulting, but whatever the topic, it sticks in the back of their mind. They may mention it to their partner or friends, dream about it on their drives to work, but another question keeps nagging them : “…but how?”

This period of time is a difficult one to navigate. We have busy lives, all of us, and it takes time to take a budding dream into reality.

When you start picking away at it off the side of your desk, or on your off days, you start to realize just how many other questions you have about it:

How would I tell people about it?

Will people support me?

Who would buy it?

How will I make enough money to pay the bills?

This is where you can hit a stand still. There are so many questions floating around in your head, and maybe by this point, your friends are a bit tired of hearing about it.

This is where B4C START comes in.

This program is a 8 week online program meant for people who still have day jobs but need something to help them answer those questions and feel comfortable that they will understand how this could pay the bills some day. The program covers: who would buy into the idea, how to sell it, how much to sell it for, who to sell it to, and how all of it could roll out.

The program also connects you with peers so you don’t feel as alone in this as you did before.

Finally, at the end of the program, you meet with an instructor to talk about your next steps and get feedback on your plan.

The program is meant to help you get out of your head and start exploring all of those questions before you feel ready to jump in with two feet.

Registration for B4C START is open now. Check out further information and registration link here:

Rachel Mathis