Introducing our SPRING 2018 Cohort

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It's that time of the year again - B4C has selected the 6th cohort of social entrepreneurs to participate in our 6-week program! These 7 companies will start the programming with an overnight retreat - getting to know their fellow social entrepreneurs and help to build a strong and connected community.  

The B4C acceleration process has been designed to assist social entrepreneurs; turning desire into action by combining business acumen with the pursuit of impact.

Powered by the Pond-Deshpande Centre, B4C is a unique accelerator providing the right tools and the right support at the right time  

The B4C alumni network is constantly growing – with over 42 companies having gone through the program from all over Atlantic Canada since it's launch.

Check out our new cohort below: 


Flip the Page Education Services
Tara & Alex English

Tara English has over 7 years of teaching experience in New Brunswick and Alberta. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and a Masters in Education in the field of learning exceptionalities, all from the University of New Brunswick. Tara has been a freelance tutor off and on since 2008. In the summer of 2017, Tara co-founded Flip the Page Education Services. She began tutoring students under the company name. Tara is a student-focused, creative and compassionate educator. Tara brings a hardworking, education first mind-set to the Flip the Page Education Services team.

Since completing his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degrees from the University of New Brunswick, Alex has worked for over 8 years in various positions within the Federal Government. He currently works as a business expertise advisor, where he leads and educates new employees. He also has created and managed an elite basketball program, which consisted of over 50 volunteers, 3 employees and over 100 athletes.

Alex brings an innovative, team-focused approach to the Flip the Page Education Services team
Flip the Page Education Services was originally created to provide valuable French tutoring services to students in the greater Woodstock, NB area. As the tutoring list grew, so did our understanding of the needs of local students and the needs outside of our local area. Through the information gained, we were able to begin to create innovative ideas about how to better serve students. From here, the idea of creating a two-sided marketplace app (web and mobile) to connect freelance tutors and students via an in-app video chat platform was formed. Our aim is to provide an equal opportunity to succeed for all students.




Community Machinery
Daniel Haartman

I bring over twenty years of manufacturing and repair experience to Community Machinery. I'm licensed as a 433A Industrial Mechanic, although I have equal experience with machining & fabricating.

In addition to collecting tools, I'm always interested in learning better ways to work with others. This ranges from studying co-op development, to ways of increasing physical and mental health,
I'm grateful that my work life allows me to incorporate my passions for gardening, physical activity, cooking, and psychology.

Community Machinery is a manufacturer of custom machinery and metal products. 
We're looking to develop a product line that supports social change. Our focus is on items needed for re-localization of manufacturing, food processing, and small-scale organic agriculture, healthcare, and municipal infrastructure.

In addition to mechanical solutions, we provide safety training and mentorship for people who want to work with their hands. We're always looking to bridge the gap between those who want meaningful work, and those who want to benefit from mechanization.

We're transitioning towards a worker co-operative model that provides greater rewards for workers, and provides better service in our community.




Sunberry Box
Aimée Foreman

We know aging well is affected by loneliness and isolation. 
Imagine you are 78, 82 or 95. When you go to your door there is a box waiting for you. The delivery is a total surprise. 

As you open the box you discover delightful items, simple pleasures, and an envelope. As you open the envelope your heart soars to find photos of your loved ones and a personal note. 
Sunberry Box is a monthly gift subscription that makes it easy to love them back. Our gifters stay connected while we provide comfort and ease in daily living to our recipients. 

Think of us as JOY DELIVERED! 

Aimée Foreman: Having spent the last three years focused on advancing eldercare, Aimée is passionate about continuing to work on ventures that service the silver economy; specifically keeping multi-generational relationships central to fabric of our families and communities. 
Her work with older adults has provided countless examples of the benefits of human connection on one’s health, and her personal experiences have created a deep resolve to enhance the quality of life for others.

Experienced in mature and start-up organizations across many sectors, Aimée has been involved in the entrepreneurial community for many years. She is a Futurpreneur Mentor and Board Member with Ignite Fredericton. She was named a top leader in Atlantic Canada by 21inc and is a member of the Wallace McCain Institute. 

She currently holds advisory roles with several healthy aging and long-term care initiatives. She is an active follower of best practices having learned from and collaborated with top international aging experts. 

Aimée is excited to use her optimistic, analytical and results-driven approach to bringing
Sunberry Box to the international e-com marketplace while adding an innovative and thoughtful niche offering to the booming subscription box industry. 





The TULA Project
Hartley Prosser

Hartley Prosser - Plant Scientist and Business graduate from Dalhousie University. Passionate about community-scale agriculture and its ability to build resilience. 
Did you know New Brunswick only grows 3% of what it eats? And we have tons of fertile farmland that sits vacant? AND we have NO center of applied-study around agriculture in the ENTIRE PROVINCE?! But, look no further:

TULA Farms - An incubation farm located 25 minutes from downtown, Fredericton. TULA offers a central hub where knowledge-sharing, land-sharing and resource-sharing can occur (i.e. circular economy). The 28-acre farm will be divided up into 1-acre plots that participants can lease for an affordable price for 3-5 years. Also, by having a 5 to 10 -acre house-plot consisting of different agricultural crops and models, participants in the incubation program may learn techniques right next to where they establish their own model. Equipment and materials will also be exchanged and shared on a regular basis. Everything from farm equipment to compost will be collectively-owned. The structure of the incubator model allows for beginning and experimental farmers to test a farm-business model on a risk-free, low-investment scale. The 3 to 5 -year lease plan for each participant allows them to really authenticate their own farm-business model. The incubator sets the stage for lean "agro-preneurs" to validate their ideas, and then grow from there. 

Furthermore, TULA Farms will be exploring various self-sustainability models through activities such as an active forest school, native seed sanctuaries, apiculture, unique experiential overnight stays, and more! This is what is exciting about the social enterprise model - it can be flexible in how it generates revenue to feed back into the ever-growing impacts that the enterprise has. If you like what your reading, please get in touch:





Art4Life Inc
Anita Punamiya

 Anita wears multiple hats – she is an entrepreneur, an artist, and a changemaker. Anita is an Indo-Canadian who moved to Canada in 2004 after working in the United Arab Emirates for 10 years. Creativity and problem-solving have been the foundation of Anita's work and the pillars of all her ventures, CompreCultures Ltd., Shaping Purpose Inc. and now Art4Life Inc.

Art4Life Inc. offers a variety of art programs to older adults with the objective of promoting health, well‐ being and social inclusion. It is based on the principles of 'Creative Aging'.





Saint John Tool Library
Brent Harris & Alex Dickens

The Saint John Tool Library is a social enterprise startup that is trying to tackle issues around poverty, rundown housing stock, and access to tools. We do this by providing the city residents with an affordable membership that grants them access to a large library of tools they can use for their project needs. We also provide training and coaching for those looking to get access to the trades, sort of like a pre-block 1; a bridge to the trades. at the Saint John Tool Library (SJTL) we also provide a fully equipped woodshop/makerspace for people to tinker, experiment and be inspired. This started as an idea in the south end of Saint John with Brent Harris and a little community of people who believed that tackling the architecture was an important starting place.

Brent Harris, a local contractor, got some media attention on this idea from the local media and eventually connected with a whole community of people who believed that a tool library would be an important piece of the puzzle and would provide average residents with a valuable resource.



Vincent-Luc Brouillard

(Coming soon)

Joanna Nickerson