Introducing our FALL 2018 Cohort

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It's that time of the year again - B4C has selected the 7th cohort of social entrepreneurs to participate in our 6-week program! These 8 companies will start the programming with an overnight retreat - getting to know their fellow social entrepreneurs and help to build a strong and connected community.  

The B4C acceleration process has been designed to assist social entrepreneurs; turning desire into action by combining business acumen with the pursuit of impact.

Powered by the Pond-Deshpande Centre, B4C is a unique accelerator providing the right tools and the right support at the right time  

The B4C alumni network is constantly growing – with over 48 companies having gone through the program from all over Atlantic Canada since it's launch.

Collectively, our alumni have raised over $5.4M in funding after completing the program, and have created over 140 jobs. We have exactly a 50/50 gender split in our participants as of this cohort.

Check out the new cohort below:


Femme Wonk
Katie Davey

Femme Wonk is a public policy podcast that will seek to continuously discuss both innovative and traditional public policy from the perspective of gender equality. Creator Katie Davey self identifies as a policy enthusiast, GBA+ advocate, and substantive equality seeker. Femme Wonk will feature a range of topics, guests, and formats. If you're interested in hearing about, or discussing a particular topic, let us know!



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AGILE design + fabrication
Erik LeBrun

Trained as an architect in Québec City, Erik came back to Moncton a few years ago, only to find the processes making up the built environment there to be of poor quality, not only aesthetically, but also morally and health wise. He aims to change this.




Joe Trevors

A belief that our minds are more powerful than any trauma we've ever encountered, or endured, and a message about change.




Precious Plastics Saint John (PPSJ)
Luke Arsenault

I’m Luke, I’m 22 and grew up here in Saint John. I recently received my bachelor’s degree from UNB Fredericton and am considering pursuing further post-secondary education. I have a talent for building things and a background in NGO’s. I currently work at the Saint John Tool Library and DIY Centre.

The idea is a small-scale manufacturing and public access plastic recycling workshop. I am currently custom building four machines specifically designed to turn consumer plastic waste into useful items such as phone cases, bowls, tiles and much more.

Ask me about it. Facebook Page:





Soul on Fire Equine Guided Wellness Center
Angela Geddes

I am a certified Life Coach and MBA with training as an equine guided facilitator. Having had an extensive corporate career in Finance and HR, I have observed and witnessed the toll that stress, anxiety and depression can have on a workplace and I have felt it personally. In recent Mental Health Training, it was cited that by 2020, the largest economic impact will be depression and I already see it happening in the companies where I provide HR consulting. New modalities are required to support our community and I want to bring this to NB.

A connection with self to support mental health in partnership with horses. When you become connected with yourself and connection with horses, this opens up the pathway for healthy relationships with self and others. My dream is to bring this to life with a program I have created called Soul Leadership.




The Impact Initiative
Kayla Johnson

With a background in event management, project execution, and social entrepreneurship, Kayla has been supporting entrepreneurs in the startup space for over 2 years. She has a strong passion for businesses who dedicate their operations to create a positive social or environmental impact. In addition, from strategic planning and execution to basic administration tasks, she is best known for meeting the needs of busy business owners in a dependable and professional manner.

 Through workshops and events, the Impact Initiative equips existing business owners with the right tools to create their own social impact initiative through their business operations. Although gaining popularity, the concept of a social enterprise is not common in New Brunswick when compared to all of the existing businesses. If more business owners in New Brunswick took the initiative to help mitigate a social or environmental issue while maintaining a for-profit model, imagine the impact we could have in our community! The Impact Initiative helps business owners learn how they can become a social enterprise themselves. 

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Liz Martin

The Venture: As a Corporate Event Manager, I watch too much food being thrown away in a province where people struggle with food security. I want to find ways to optimize and prevent food waste and create a reliable source of nutritious meals for anyone who needs it, no matter their socio-economic status. I want to elevate and support existing systems while identifying and filling gaps.

The Person: I’m a dog owner, a daughter, sister, aunt, friend and community minded, proud Saint Johner. I love travelling, seeing new places and being humbled by beautiful and awe-inspiring things in the world. I’m a food enthusiast, yogi and over-thinker rolled into one. Currently, I work as a Corporate Event Manager however my background is purely Project Management. I’ve worked in countless industries including commercial interior construction, hospitality and tourism, food manufacturing and marketing and communications. I have a Bachelor’s in Public Relations, a Master’s in Project Management with a specialization in leadership, as well as my Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.

The Neighbourhood

Micah Knowles

Micah Knowles is a recent Graduate at Acadia University and Crandall University. Micah has also recently been married to his wife Emily this past August. Micah is a passionate sports fan, travel enthusiast, and lover of the outdoors.

As a Pastor in Moncton, Micah spends his time finding ways to love his community. He is here today representing his company "The Neighbourhood" a community based app which connects neighbours and creates meaningful opportunities to serve. The app' goal to facilitate community relationship building, while creating volunteer opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

For information on the program, contact Rachel and Vanessa at

Rachel Mathis