Breaking out of the script that holds you back.
— Dawn Henwood

bringing together likeminded change-makers around the barriers to launching our success.

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Activation Pods

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value statement on mentorship



B4C is purposeful in building a strong and connected community, both within the cohort peer group as well as the larger alumni network. This is key in the support and growth of B4C’s Impact Ventures. For this reason, we carefully select changemakers who are open to growing and shifting their perspectives as social innovators and business leaders, while building resilient and profitable ventures.


The B4C Cohort begins with a retreat in order to build trust and relationships within the group that will help guide the programming for the remainder of the cohort. The retreat is designed to provide a safe space to learn about the other companies in the group while setting the expectations and objectives for the next 6 weeks.

Entrepreneurial Education

Throughout the 6-week bootcamp, entrepreneurs will participate in a number of workshops designed to address key learning objectives to build a market-ready and investment-ready impact venture.

Workshops are hands-on and interactive focusing on the needs of the individuals in the cohort.