At BE.FOR.CHANGE Ventures, we know that blended-purpose companies hold the key to unlocking solutions to our most complex social problems.

Data as of December 2018.

Data as of December 2018.

We understand that starting a business can be exhausting, frustrating and scary at times – and for this reason, we practice cohort models. Cohorts are based on trust and builds a community of like-minded people.

Our role is to help establish a peer group that will help you build and grow your impact venture. We’ll also connect you with relevant mentors and advisors, and immerse you in deep learning session with experts.

Our approach is to invest in you as a founder because we know that it is people like you that can change the world.

B4C Ventures blends the traditional accelerator cohort model with the flexibility and individualization needed to accelerate ventures with blended value propositions.

We are proud that our alumni are 50% / 50% women and men. We are purposeful in creating an inclusive environment for everyone to thrive.

Our Programs

B4C Ventures has 3 offerings for impact entrepreneurs, based on their current stage.

  • B4C Start: offers entrepreneurial support for early-stage companies who are likely still earning income from another source and looking to determine whether (or how!) they will launch their business

  • B4C Cohort: targeted at the entrepreneur who has been working on their venture, though is not yet full-time in the business - the entrepreneur is ready to commit to figuring out how to turn this into their main ‘gig’

  • B4C Dive: all entrepreneurs face turning points or challenges. The dive is a multi-hour session allowing entrepreneurs to focus on one aspect of their business and dive deep into it alongside external advisors with relevant skills.

More details on each program in the infographic below!


B4C Venture’s programs are mapped to the following startup phases,  developed by Startup Commons .

B4C Venture’s programs are mapped to the following startup phases, developed by Startup Commons.